Payouts are the distribution of funds from a customer’s Neon Pay merchant account to their bank account. A payout includes the charges, refunds, and fees for a given period of time. These items will be assigned automatically to a payout once they have been considered settled.

You may control the frequency of payouts, and you can configure this individually for each merchant account. Your choices are:

Daily Available balance is paid out every day. Customers who choose this option may be subject to an additional fee.
Weekly Available balance is paid out every Monday. The day of the week is not configurable.
Monthly Available balance is paid out every 1st of the month. This date is not configurable.

Payout Statuses

Payouts will occur automatically following the schedule selected for the merchant account. Payouts typically transition through three stages: Requested, Processing, and then Processed.

When viewing payouts, they will have one of the following statuses:

Status Description
Requested The payout has been requested from the payment processor.
Processing The payout has begun processing. At this point the entries within the payout are batched and relevant charges, refund, and fees get a payout_id attached to them to connect them to this payout.
Processed The payout has successfully made it to the bank account connected to the merchant account.
Failed The payout has failed to payout to the bank account.
Denied The payout request has been denied.
Returned The payout attempt to disburse to the merchant's primary bank account but something went wrong and the payout balance has been returned to the merchant account.

New Merchant Delay

New merchant accounts may be subject to a one-time delay before receiving their first payout. By default, this delay is 15 days. After this delay, payouts will proceed following the schedule selected. This precaution is taken to reduce risk of fraud.

Manual Payouts

Payouts may not be initiated manually.

Minimum Balance

If desired, you may set a Minimum Required Balance for a merchant account. This balance will be held in reserve and not paid out in payouts. This minimum balance can be used to pay fees and refunds.

When closing a merchant account for a customer, you should ensure this amount is set to $0. When you reduce this number, any funds over the minimum balance amount remaining will be paid out automatically in the next scheduled payout.


Payouts will always occur in the currency specified by the merchant account. For example, if a Canadian merchant account is created, payouts will occur in CAD.